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Why Do I Need Facebook? For What Would I Use Twitter?

Individual consumers hardly ask themselves these questions, so why would a small business?   The answer is to build a brand –your reputation.  Whether a small business is selling cupcakes, lattes, living room furniture, or pizza slices, your target audience no longer wishes to be merely an audience.

At some point, not too long ago, the impact from “word-of-mouth” came back to the forefront.  We are passing the age of “interruptive” advertising, if you didn’t notice.  Something that easily slips by, however, is that each customer is potential for growth.  Maybe this seems obvious, but the better point remains that a brand with some personality, coupled with an outstanding product or service, is going to inspire customers to spread the word.  Something that has changed is the ways that a small business will make an impression on its most desired customers: those who are new.  Nothing prevents my friends from raving about the best pizza in town.  Conversely, there was something that inspired them to do so.

So how about this question:  Which came first, “Artichoke Pizza” or @artichokepizza?

Well, clearly, the pizza came first.  Then people’s ears were filled with the news.  Thanks to press coverage and user-generated content, Artichoke has become unquestionably known for great pizza.  Nowadays, even when potential customers are flying in from Sweden, or simply from Seattle, they know where to go.

What prevents people from choosing Two Boots instead?  I bet it has something to do with engagement.  Artichoke found that at least 3,242 people who enjoy its pizza are on Twitter.  It’s pretty simple; Artichoke keeps itself relevant, the community does the work, and everyone benefits.  Two Boots just isn’t part of the pizza conversation.

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