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When Sales are Luke-Warm

When the temperature of the shower is just right in the middle, not hot enough yet not unbearably cold, most turn to adjust the faucet. We often forget, or perhaps never knew, which faucet is hot or cold, or which direction adds heat or the opposite.

So what do you do? Minor tweaks with an educated guess as to which handle to turn, and which way? Or do you venture large adjustments to get the answer very quickly? These are incredibly different strategies, but might tell a lot about you as a small business owner.

What would say more is whether your decide to change anything at all (a warm enough shower isn’t all that bad). Ok, the metaphor doesn’t extend too far beyond that. The point, however, is that many business owners become complacent in their operations, their marketing strategy or lack thereof, and in their potential for growth.

If you don’t have the means to redesign the entire bathroom, start with some small decisions that will at least enhance the experience that is your brand. Allowing your customers to communicate the experience that they enjoy is especially productive.

Often times this process can be captured in social media. Yes, Facebook just passed 600,000,000 members. Are you necessarily trying to sell to all of them? Focus on your customers and ask them what they think about your brand. Thing is, don’t be so obvious about it. You need to choose the right media channel(s), and in a clever, effective fashion. Let your customers tell you because they want to do so.

Social media will amplify small tweaks, whether hot or cold.

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