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Facebook CRM Makes You “Like” Your Job

Hi, it is about time you really begin to enjoy working at your company. If not, then leave. Why? Because pretty soon your company will ask you to maintain outside relationships that the company cannot afford to lose.

Social CRM began in consumer facing businesses, but has already migrated up a bit upstream. My goal in this post is to teach you how investing a bit of time each day can provide new opportunities for customer retention and acquisition, rather than a waste of time.

Virtual networking can easily become an insular activity. There is an interior froth that consists of people who think they are extremely well connected, followed, and even influential. But then there are real people, who live in a physical world.

By insular, I also mean the individual’s obsession with vanity. You might be quick to scan over your own profile, activity, and mentions multiple times a day, for long periods of time. If this is you, or if you understand what I mean, then you should PLAN your networking.

What goal will your personal communications strategy achieve, then how will you take steps every day/week to follow through?

You must do several things to make this happen:

– Understand the networks you’re on, or that you should be on (Professional vs. Social).
– Differentiate who to reach on which networks, and how to use those networks accordingly.
– Lastly, take a look at the commercial goals you are representing. Do you like your company?

Build your network with fervor. The more direct connections you obtain today, the more widespread you’ll be able to search for the right person when the time comes. Never forget, however, that online connections should represent those you make in real life. Online profiles (and the networks they live on) are great as a means to investigate new inroads, as well as to follow up.

Relationships happen over time. If you don’t like your company, then to be building connections should force you to re-evaluate where you stand in your career, because these will be connections that are tied with you personally, and no longer on behalf of the institution. Your personal brand will showcase each new connection you build.

Either get out before “they make you” network on their behalf, or if you like where you are, then get going with a calculated networking plan.

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