About Our Team

Keith Petri

Digital & Social Media Strategist

Keith Petri, founder of iGottaGuide, eBranding Me and an avid blogger, is a graduate of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. His studies in business, economics and studio art, along with an affinity for marketing, technology and entrepreneurship, have led to his current passion for social media and the new rules of digital networking. Through his prior entrepreneurial pursuits, blogging and extensive networking, Keith has seen the need for educating small businesses on how to utilize communication tools to engage their audiences and convert leads into sales. At CNSLT.us, Keith acts as a Digital & Social Media Strategist, proposing campaigns that target specific demographics with clear calls-to-action.

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Kiyo Egashira | Marketing Research Associate at CNSLT.us

Kiyo Egashira

Marketing Research Associate

Kiyo Egashira draws from the theory learned during his education at Skidmore College and blends it together with practical experience to create effective and sustainable solutions to problems facing the businesses with which he works. Prior to joining CNSLT.us, Kiyo was a consultant independently and with the Skidmore-Saratoga Entrepreneurial Partnership. In his career, he has advised a diverse set of businesses, from a non-profit summer camp to a new luxury fashion brand based in Hong Kong. Kiyo is equipped with the experience to diagnose problems and develop solutions, to identify trends and capitalize on changes in the marketplace, and to frame incentives to encourage desirable consumer action. Kiyo approaches client problems like they are his own and is always searching for improvement.

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Michael Griffiths | Analyst & Web Developer at CNSLT.us

Michael Griffiths

Analyst & Web Developer at CNSLT.us

Michael Griffiths brings three years of experience in web development, specializing in the LAMP stack. His attention is always on the user experience, and what truly makes a difference to customers. Before working for CNSLT.us, Michael spearheaded the launch of an e-commerce website for a midsize industrial distributor and performed large-scale modeling of markets for an international freight rail company. He has also participated in two startups; a data-quality startup for e-commerce websites increasing product find-ability, and a tour guide marketplace.

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