Trenton Thunder

Trenton Thunder
Problem Insight Work Results
The Public Relations group at Trenton Thunder came to with an active social media marketing campaign. They had been actively engaging with fans and other community stakeholders on a variety of social media platforms. They were definitely on the right track, but wanted to see a bump, in both their online following and the non-existent return on investment prior to our involvement. had the benefit of the big picture. We were able to analyze the organization’s media environment, and ideate new ways to enable digital and offline social activity. We wanted to expand their online community and enhance its impact on the organization. took on this project with some intensity. We proposed several new promotions, along with ways to leverage new and inexpensive technologies. We incentivized meaningful content creation by community followers and increased the team’s audience. Specifically, provided tactics that utilized the following tools: Strategic Partnerships, Custom Facebook Page Applications, Foursquare, Twitter, SCVNGR, QR Codes, and Livestream (Video).

In addition, we educated the organization on the usefulness of social media as it related to Trenton Thunder Baseball. This involved strategy sessions with Marketing and PR. Organizational adoption of social media is the most effective way to elevate customer experience, providing a long-lasting competitive advantage, external advocacy and, in this case, a love for Trenton Thunder Baseball.
We helped Trenton Thunder to strategize promotions, touch-points, and internal collaboration to redefine the design and delivery of minor league baseball overall. They wanted to be all over the next big trend, so we showed them how to amplify the impact of existing and emerging community spaces. We introduced new platforms and technologies, but we also increased the efficacy of previously invested time and money. Here are some statistics from the 2011 Season for a 1-year period:
  • 98.5% Twitter Follower Growth
  • 87.6% Facebook Fan Increase
  • 187.5% Growth in the Number of People Active on Foursquare
  • 200.5% Growth in Total Number of Geolocation Check-Ins
  • 800% Increase in Tips left on Foursquare
  • 16.7% YouTube Subscriber Growth
  • 26.9% YouTube Total Video Views Growth